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On this website, you will find a many articles on international relations. We will examine topics in global affairs that include wars between countries, civil conflict, diplomatic relations, discussions about territorial disputes, human rights, environmental issues, among a host of other topics. In order for us to better understand the field, we want to define and explain international relations. In the meantime, if you are looking for in-depth information on global affairs, feel free to visit

What is International Relations?

There are many definitions for international relations. Simply put, international relations is the study of the interactions between state and non-state actors. Traditionally, the field was centered on how states acted, with primary attention centered on international wars between countries. However, in recent decades, international relations have expanded to not only include state actors, but now, we are also looking at the role of non-state organizations, whether it is the individual, or other entities such as non-governmental organizations. Furthermore, the topics have expanded to include much more than conflict or wars.

Everyday, there are millions of interactions between people. Whether a state leader is visiting another country, whether there is a civil war transpiring, whether elections are being held, international political issues are at the forefront of world affairs.

Pick up a newspaper, or go online to a national or international news source and you are bound to see some story that is directly related to the interactions of international actors, or there are clear international relations implications.

There are no shortages of topic to talk about when looking at global affairs. For some students, they are primarily interested in a geographical region. So, one can examine the international relations between countries in South America, or relations between states in the Middle East, for example. For others, they want to study why countries go to war, whereas others are working on examining the role of state and non-state actors in environmental changes, but also in environmental politics: what are countries doing to cause harm to the earth, and at the same time, what steps are in place to stop climate change?

Given the complexity of the topic, it is necessary that there is a site dedicated to providing you reliable information, as well as answering your questions about world affairs.

It is our objective to our your insight and analysis on all things related to international relations. We will be covering many topics in great detail, using academic, policy, and news sources.

So, again, welcome to this new site. We look forward to providing you resources on international relations.